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Item number PLS6085NM

On BRAND logo mat you can realize and print high resolution images (High Definition). BRAND logo mat has very high wash resistance, no color loss and no re-deposition of dirt during washing. The yarn contains 50% recycled materials and is easy to clean and very dirt resistant. Due to the stretchability of the rubber backing, it is not possible to deliver the mats according to millimeter accurate measurements. The dimensional accuracy is +/- 5%.

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The BRAND high quality washable logo mat.

BRAND logo mat is made of environmentally friendly materials and is the best stain resistant mat in the industry.

The life of the logo mats is significantly extended compared to traditional logo mats.

The unique PET fibers are made from 50% recycled plastic bottles and have excellent color and wash resistance.

BRAND logo mats are manufactured with a high-resolution printer, allow photo-realistic designs and have a choice of 66 standard colors that can virtually realize any decor.

BRAND logo mats can be produced to your specified dimensions or to standard dimensions. For the processing of your idea, send us a sketch with PDFs of your logo.

Features of the logo mat BRAND

Upper: continuous fiber / PET yarn with 50% recycled content.

Underside: Nitrile rubber with reinforced edge area

- 20 mm tread edge, optionally without tread edge

- smooth or studded (for delivery on carpets)

total height: approx. 9 mm

Cleaning: washable up to 60°C, suitable for tumble dryer

Standard sizes: 60 x 85 cm, 75 x 85 cm, 85 x 115 cm, 85 x 150 cm, 85 x 300 cm, 115 x 180 cm, 115 x 200 cm, 115 x 240 cm, 115 x 250 cm, 115 x 300 cm, 150 x 200 cm, 150 x 240 cm, 150 x 250 cm, 150 x 300 cm, 200 x 200 cm, 200 x 300 cm

Special sizes: on request up to size 200 x 550 cm

Net weight: 1480 g

Gewicht netto: 1480 g